BMW planning one dozen new models by 2011

BMW has some pretty aggressive growth plans for the next five years with a target of 1.8 million annual sales by 2012 compared to the 1.37 million it sold in 2006. Execs seem to think they won't be able to grow sales of their existing range sufficiently to reach that lofty goal, so several more new models are on the way. We've already seen the X6 crossover at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Including the X6, BMW will have a total of a dozen new and redesigned models over the next four years. Joining the X6 are a second generation X3 and an even smaller X1.

The 5- and 7-Series sedans will both get refreshed in the coming years, including a new twin-turbo V-10 in the M5. The sedans will reportedly get a new sibling in the form of the CS four-door coupe to take on the Mercedes CLS and Porsche Panamera. Another new branch of the family tree will sprout with the MINI Colorado SUV. The final major addition will be the Progressive Activity Sedan that may be dubbed the V5. The V5 has morphed, however, from the original vision of a Mercedes R-Class challenger into another four-door crossover coupe based on the X5.

[Source: AutoZeitung via MotorAuthority]

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