SEMA 2007: Saturn Super Sky

Click for high-res gallery of Super Sky shots from SEMA

Although it was already shown at the Sport Compact Performance show in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, this funky Canadian-built Saturn caught our eyes here in Las Vegas. This "Top Tuner" Saturn "Super" Sky is like no other Saturn we've ever seen. First of all, it's mid-engined. Second of all, that engine happens to be a Corvette LT-1 V8. What started out as a Saturn Sky now resembles something that could be an Exige or Cayman fighter. Perhaps a little too flashy for our tastes done up as a show car, you can see in profile especially that this could make a very appealing production Saturn. Perhaps it's what the Sky should have been all along. The V8 might be a bit much, but a mid-mount V6 sounds just about perfect. Granted this wasn't even an official Saturn project, but we like the concept. It was said that 10,000 man hours were spent stretching the frame, redoing all of the bodywork and creating that unique center-mount, single seat interior. We say nicely done.

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