Close the sale online with AutoNation

Every automaker has its web presence set up where you can sort of shop for a car. It gets a little difficult when you actually go to get a price quote – you'll get directed to a selection of local dealers, some more willing to deal than others – it's enough to make you wish for a "Buy It Now" button. AutoNation's testing pretty much that very idea at an Atlanta location. The experience doesn't differ much from what's already available at automotive sales websites. You can browse inventory, schedule test drives, get price quotes, even apply for credit. Where the AutoNation website differs is that you can actually trade in a vehicle, secure financing, and arrange delivery or pick up of your new car. AutoNation's not sure whether or not they'll roll out the service to their largest-in-the-nation dealer network. In the past, it's not proven to move as much iron as you'd think. There's a lot to consider when buying a car, and it might just be too bewildering for people to feel comfortable with a "purchase car" button to click. Problem credit is another issue that can plug up the works. In the end, while AutoNation may offer complete online sales, it may not find that many takers.
[Source: The Auto Channel, Photo: Carsnaps]

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