Craig Venter, famous for running a parallel, commercial version of the Human Genome Project, was on the Colbert Report last night promoting his book A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life. In the interview, Craig said we have digitized biology, including the human genome and can make DNA that may make lifeforms to provide new ways of making energy. You can code genes that make hydrogen from sun light or different types of gasolines and octanes right from sugar said Craig.

Colbert asked if this takes off, will it make him so rich he would make Bill Gates look like Warren Buffett? Craig said there has to be a commercial solution to break our dependence on oil but we need a 1,000 different solutions. Your future home may have a biological fuel cell vat that produces your gas from your food waste said Craig. The biggest issues of three big issues (the others are energy and food) is the lack of fresh water according to Craig. Anyone else find it shocking such a good interview was done by a fake, comedy news show?

[Source: Comedy Central]

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