SEMA 2007: House of Kolor Surf Shop vehicles are totally tubular

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The House of Kolor booth at SEMA brought a smile to our faces even though none of us surf. That might sound a bit random, but the booth is littered with incredible displays of surfboard artwork that could easily have you spending hours gawking at their detailed graphics. Fortunately for us land-faring car types, there are also some equally artistic examples of wheeled artwork around as well. The Woody Ford Edge is a perfect example of how these two worlds come together. The woodwork is incredible and all of the custom paint and detail choices are spot on. Add in a pair of matching boards mounted upright in the roof rack and this thing just called out to us. Gorgeous. There are also a few custom bikes that are equally well turned out, and "Mercules," a chopped '50 Merc with some tongue-in-cheek Mercedes (the other "Merc") lamps out front. One of our favorite stops so far this year.

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