SEMA 2007: Chevy Suburban HD Z71 Diesel Live Shots

click above image to view more high-res shots of the Suburban HD Z71 Diesel

The Suburban HD Z71 diesel has bowed at the perfect time -- Halloween -- since it's GM's monstrous hauler gussied up for a Monster Mash. The body gets some nice details like a Silverado front end with a contrasting black fascia insert and chrome tow hooks, step bars with an aggressive relief, and a trumpet exhaust. Inside is a tasty interior, with tastefully crafted captain's chairs that feature nifty cutouts between the bolsters. The engine is the special feature, though, being a small displacement diesel in large volume mover. Four-and-a-half liters of diesel power won't win you any trophies on your way to sixty, but it will still keep you moving and shaking and use less gas doing it. When it comes to the Suburban, every little bit helps. Be sure to check out the gallery of hi-res pics of the oil-burning Suburban.

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