More on Click and Clack and CAFE - and Halloween!

Following my post earlier today on Click and Clack's comments on CAFE (can you see I'm caught up in crazy alliteration?) reader Chris Abraham not only posted a comment, but sent in some more information on the letter and what's going on with CAFE tomorrow.
First, if you're adverse to PDFs, you can read a transcript of the brother's letter here.

Second, in celebration of Halloween (tomorrow), members of the Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency will be delivering " The Spooky Truth" to Members of Congress. This spookiness appears to be some candy bars and a flyer explaining the following:

In June, the Senate passed a strong, bipartisan compromise to raise mileage for cars and light trucks to an average of 35mpg by 2020. This is the first Congressional increase in fuel efficiency in 30 years, and yet the auto industry is pushing a proposal which would weaken and delay the Senate compromise. Their "tricky" proposal would only require 23 [actually 32] mpg by 2022 and actually cap American innovation on mileage improvements at 35mpg. The spooky truth is that just a few years and a few miles do matter when it comes to making a difference for America. In 2020:

Barrels of Oil Saved Per Day:
- 500,000 Auto Lobby Proposal
- 1.2 Million Senate Fuel Economy Compromise
Consumer Savings at the Pump:
- $11 Billion Auto Lobby Proposal
- $25 Billion Senate Fuel Economy Compromise
Emissions Reductions
- 85mmt CO2 Auto Lobby Proposal
- 206 mmt CO2 Senate Fuel Economy Compromise

* Data from the Union of Concerned Scientists, "Energy Bill Must Guarantee Real Oil Savings" Sept. 2007.

The Auto Lobby Proposal is a Trick, Not a Treat
(Note, I fixed a couple typos here)

If you're interested in signing on to the message of this Halloween message, you can visit this Energy Bill 2007 website and sign the petition.

[Source: The Spooky Truth]

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