In the future, everyone will live in parking lots

The science fiction movie the Minority Report imagines cars driving up vertical highways and parking on the side of high rise apartment buildings. Driveways just in front of your doorway are not uncommon in the suburbs but on a city high rise such a thing has never been done ... until now.
According to this Reuters' video, a high rise condo currently under construction, will allow you to park steps from your condo. The cars will be whisked up to just outside your condo's door by a large elevator. The condos are expected to be complete next year and will cost $6 M.

The compact design of cities makes owning a car a hassle and greener forms of transport like walking, biking, cabs, etc. easier for most people. If systems like the one used by this new condo become cheaper and you agree to give up a little bit of your living space, you just might be able to keep your car in the urban future. Where do you stand on the living space vs. parking lot debate. Would you turn your living room in a parking lot?

[Source: Reuters]

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