Why Mitsubishi is so bullish on the i MiEV

While other automakers turn choke resources to hybrid technology, Mistubishi is putting a lot of eggs into the pure-electric basket. Automotive News (subs req'd) says that Mistubishi's push is being driven by two things - the company doesn't have the funds to try and catch up with the hybrid crowd and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. president Osamu Masuko, who drives an EV himself.

Masuko told AN's David Sedgwick that, "We were not able to put all our resources into hybrids. We are climbing the mountain, but we are finding a different route to the summit." The result of this different route is, of course, the i MiEV, which we've pretty much discussed to death on these pages. When the EV hits Japanese showrooms in 2010 (and European ones after that), remember that this is a company that deciced to leap over the 2007 all-hybrid mentality. I'm betting this will pay off for the three diamonds.

[Source: David Sedgwick, Automotive News

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