Study shows new car CO2 emissions dropping in Europe

While different branches of the European Union government bicker over new carbon dioxide emissions limits for cars, the market and carmakers themselves is making progress on their own. It's slow progress but movement nonetheless. According to analysis by JATO Dynamics, CO2 emissions in the top five markets dropped by 0.3 g/km in through the first seven months of 2007 compared to the same time last year. A volume-weighted average of new cars sold in the period yielded an average of 160.5 g/km for the fleet. The small A-class cars averaged 125.5 g/km with emissions increasing in each size class up to large SUVs at 306.5 g/km. Those big SUVs actually got worse this year, increasing by 8.5 g/km. The biggest improvement was in mid-sized MPVs which dropped 12.2 g/km to 186.2 g/km.


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