SEMA 2007: HUMMER H2 Safari

The PR materials for the HUMMER H2 Safari say that the big truck's matte olive green paint is designed to help it blend in on the trail. We get the idea, but while H2s may do many things, "blending in" ain't exactly one of 'em, low-key paint notwithstanding. So, while it may scare away the gazelles you're trying to hunt, you can still take advantage of the amenities, of which there are many.

HUMMER H2 SafariA sliding canvas roof panel opens up the big HUMMER's interior to Mother Nature, and the experience can be made even airier thanks to the removable rear quarter windows. Inside, you enjoy the new Gaia-enhanced drive from weather-resistant nylon-covered seats, and the instrument panel has been gussied up in matching colors and brushed metal trim. A dockable GPS sits on the center console, too. While a pith helmet is not included, fuel and gun racks are, as well as a boatload of gear like a Warn winch, 35" Mickey Ts, and a sampling of official HUMMER accessories.

As is the case with the H3R, HUMMER's closely watching the reaction to this concept. If it's good enough, a similar H2 in limited-production form is a distinct possibility. We can already see the TV commercial: it would be just like the Jeep one where friendly forest critters jump through the Liberty's open top, only in this one, a Partagas-chomping Bob Lutz would be driving the open-roofed HUMMER, from which he'd be blowing away attacking terradactyls and sabre-toothed tigers with a Desert Eagle. For that reason alone, this must see production.

[Source: GM]


The HUMMER H2 Safari concept brings a unique, open-air experience to those who want to experience as much of the outdoors as possible when taking their H2 to a favorite wilderness location. A unique, safari-inspired matte olive finish allows sportsman to take the H2 Safari on to the trail and blend in with the scenery. A large, folding canvas roof panel opens up the H2 Safari, too, creating an open-air driving experience. Additional modifications are aimed at enhancing the vehicle's capability and comfort, including a dockable GPS unit.

Vehicle highlights:

* H2 Safari Off Road concept
* 6.2L V-8 with 393 horsepower
* Retractable canvas roof panel
* Safari-inspired matte olive exterior color
* 20-inch wheels
* Mickey Thompson 35-inch off-road tires
* Removable rear quarter windows
* Euro-style smoked light lenses with LED lighting
* Black-anodized billet aluminum rear D-rings
* Warn winch – power plant with dual-force in front
* Heavy-duty suspension with two-inch lift kit
* Brushed metal appearance on interior trim
* Weather-resistant premium nylon seating material
* Olive green rubber floor replaces production carpeting
* Custom floor mats
* Magellan 500 eXplorist dockable GPS unit
* Premium outdoor luggage and gun racks

GM Accessories (production and concept)

* Roadside assistance package
* First aid kit
* Hitch receiver cover
* Tail lamp guards
* Rocker protectors
* Fuel door (black)
* Tubular assist steps (black)
* Hood handles (black)

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