SEMA 2007: Chrysler Barracuda?

OK, let's set a few things straight about this right off the bat. We have no details other than the photos you see here, which are posted at CarDomain and were sent in via a tipster. It's parked with the other SEMA Chryslers and looks for all the world like a factory 'Cuda concept based on the LX platform shared by the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300. Now, let's go into 100% speculation mode.

If it's a real Chrysler concept, logic would dictate that it's based on the Challenger (2-door body style and all) and is therefore propelled by some HEMI variant under its shaker hood. A look inside reveals a stock Chrysler interior, save for the pistol-grip shifter, and a closer inspection of the steering wheel reveals a badge that looks like it represents something other than Chrysler or Dodge, which means that this could just as likely be an one-off show car from some undetermined builder.

We hope that's not the case, and that it's really a tease to gauge interest in a possible Barracuda production car, but something that important would likely be unveiled at one of the big public shows. A modern HEMI Cuda would be awesome, but until we get some kind of confirmation on what this thing is, we won't hold our breath. One of the reasons we remain skeptical is that our party-crashing buddy, Ray from Jalopnik, is currently skulking about the show floor, snapping pics during setup. If this was an actual Chrysler Barracuda concept, he'd have probably posted on it by now. In any case, the Autoblog SEMA crew will be on-site tomorrow, and they'll be able to let us know if this is really something to get excited about or not.

UPDATE: According to commenter "Burningman," it's a one-off, carbon fiber-bodied, Charger-based custom for a private customer. No word on what shop did the project.

Thanks for the tip, Maestro1!

[Source: CarDomain]

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