SEMA 2007: Chevy Suburban HD Z71 Diesel

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While it's not easy for us to get caught up in the idea of an off-road ready school schlepper, the Chevrolet Suburban HD Z71 gets our attention because of its small-displacement 4.5-liter diesel. All the mud-plugging gear is easy to overlook when you consider how an oil-burning Suburban might fare in the marketplace. It seems like a reasonable addition to GM's 'ute lineup especially since the concept simply pilfered the parts bin for a new motor and the front end from a Silverado HD. Greater fuel efficiency and the ability to tower over the masses on the way to the grocery store? We smell a hit.



The Chevy Suburban HD Z71 is the culmination of a "what if" exercise that melds the popular Suburban 2500HD with the popular Z71 off-road package – a combination not currently offered by the factory – and partners it with a new, fuel-saving smaller-displacement diesel engine. The concept uses many production parts, including the front-end assembly from Chevy's HD trucks, along with some unique custom touches – including rear wheel flares that pick up the styling cues of the front end. Power is generated by a new 4.5L diesel engine that gives this off-road-ready Suburban power, poise and efficiency.

Vehicle highlights:

* Suburban 2500HD Z71
* Silverado HD front-end assembly
* Z71 running boards
* Custom rear wheel flares
* New 4.5L diesel engine
* New rear axle
* Chrome tow hooks
* Custom interior touches

GM Accessories features (production and concept):

* Twenty-inch wheels (concept)
* Chrome hood louvers
* Fuel door (concept)
* Roof rack (concept)
* Trailer hitch close-out
* Two-way remote start

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