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Class Project: Spyker C69 design study

Spyker was looking like a bright young protégé for a while. It had some great ideas, a beautiful vision for the future and unstoppable ambition. Then it finished school and stepped out in the real world, ran out of money, had to cancel some of its more expensive plans, take some less glamorous jobs, sell off some of its assets, take a new direction, and hunker down to the realities of running a small operation with limited resources. Fortunately for the Dutch niche automaker, a group of students has seen eye-to-eye with its situation and have offered a helping hand in the form of this intriguing concept.

The C69 design study is (theoretically) equipped with two hybrid V6 engines (front and back) and bodywork straight out of Michael Bay's mind: one door scissors forward, the other rearward, and the front and rear shells tilt outwards. It's a slick little package, but we doubt Skyker would build least not before paying off its student loans.

Check out the dramatic video after the jump for extra credits, and have your student ID number ready.

[Source: Motor Authority]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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