SEMA Preview: Bourget Shredder F-80 425-HP V8 Quadracycle

We go to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for the cars, but there are other modes of transportation present that pique our curiosity, as well. Take this quadracycle, for instance, built by Bourget Bike Works. We've seen quadracycles before, but not any stuffed with a 425-hp small block V8 like the Shredder here. We can't even tell where they're hiding the V8 under the hot rod-inspired aluminum body work, but it's supposedly there and spins those blingtastic 17-inch aluminum wheels in the rear with abandon. Only 25 Shredders will be made, though each will cost $90,000 when they go on sale in January. We can't wait to see the Shredder quadracycle in person next week on the show floor of SEMA, and will bring back more live shots of this mechanical curiosity.

[Source: Motive Mag]


Bourget's Bike Works Introduces New Small Block Powered Quadracycle for 2008.

Phoenix, AZ - Bourget's Bike Works, manufacturers of highly sought after custom motorcycles and accessories, announced the newest addition to the 2008 model lineup crossing the boundaries into the personal transportation marketplace.

On display at SEMA is the 2008 Bourget's Shredder F-80. The Shredder F-80 is the industry's first limited production V8 powered quadra-cycle being offered from Bourget's Bike Works beginning January 2008.

With the look and feel of an open riding position similar to a motorcycle, but the ride, performance, and handling of a high-end sports car, the Shredder bridges the gap of these two types of vehicles appealing to many buyers wanting to ride a bike without the risk and worries of balancing on two wheels. Using many parts from the automotive industry including a small block Chevrolet V8, suspension, and steering components, this vehicle appeals to many consumers in the Hot Rod industry looking for a unique vehicle to customize and enhance. Future options will include a number of engine and transmission choices that allow the end user to achieve gas mileage as high as 50 MPG.

"As the personal transportation market continues to grow, I wanted to build a new breed of vehicle that customers can get excited about, feel comfortable about riding, and customize it like the hot rods of the past with relative ease" said Roger Bourget, President of Bourget’s Bike Works, "These machines will appeal to a new breed of open-air rider, and change the future landscape of the performance market."

About the 2008 Bourget's Bike Works Shredder:

Limited Production of 25 Per Year
MSRP - Starting at $90,000.00 USD
425 Horsepower, 383 Fast Burn Chevrolet Crate Motor
Turbo 350 Automatic Transmission
Winters "Quick Change" Rear End
Porsche 930 CV Joints
4 Wheel Independent Suspension
Power Rack and Pinion Steering
All Aluminum Body
Custom 17 x 12 Aluminum Wheels with AVON 330 Tires

About Bourget's Bike Works

Founded in 1993, by Roger Bourget, Bourget's Bike Works is the oldest custom V-Twin manufacturer in the motorcycle industry. Having 2 patents on our frames, one for the drop seat/oil in frame chassis, and the jackshaft/dual rear belt setup, Bourget's is considered by many as one of the top custom motorcycles builders in the industry. Bourget's also designed and developed the AVON 330 Rear tire which is the largest DOT approved motorcycle tire on the market and a key fixture in many Bourget designs.

Producing over 600 custom machines each year, Bourget's Motorcycles are considered the premier brand of custom motorcycles, and owned by many celebrities, athletes, and affluent individuals around the world.

For more information on Bourget's Bike Works, go on-line to, or visit your local dealership.

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