Mitsubishi EVO X Group N rally car gets dirty for the first time

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It's fitting that on the day Subaru reveals its WRX STI Group N rally car we come across news of the Mitsubishi EVO X Group N rally car kicking up mud for the first time. You'll recall we told you that the EVO X had been chosen as the course car for the Japanese round of the FIA World Rally Championship, so while the car you see here was getting dirty, it was not in competition with any other vehicles. The job of the course car is to run the rally course before the race to check conditions. We're certain the drivers here were totally paying attention to track conditions the whole time. Rather, it looks like they were thoroughly enjoying the experience of lifting up the EVO X's skirt and getting it a little dirty. By the way, that light rig on the hood should be a factory option.

Thanks for the tip, maestro1!

[Source: Mitsubishi via Paxtech]

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