Below the fold are two videos of electric car companies that made an appearance at the Green the Capitol Office Expo. The first video is Miles Automotive showing me around their currently available, low speed electric vehicle. The tour of the Miles electric car includes a look at the batteries, plug and interior. Later in the video, I am told they plan to release a highway speed, affordable electric car (the Javlon XS500) later next year.

The second video below the fold is Tesla Motors, showing me around an early version of the $100,000 Tesla electric roadster, available first quarter of 2008. The video includes a look at the Tesla's trunk, the plug and exterior. Tesla also makes its usual critique of other electric car companies calling them "glorified golf carts." Later in the video, I am told they plan to release a $50,000 to 60,000 electric car in 2010. This is the WhiteStar.

I asked Miles a question posed by one of our readers, about a file with DOT but the Miles representative said he was unaware of the situation. Miles and Tesla did have displays right beside each other and I noticed EDTA's, Electric Drive Transportation Association, booth had a list of companies that included Miles and Tesla. So, hopefully, Tesla and Miles will talk to each other in the future.

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