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UK: Sussex police get Lotus Exige cruiser

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Over in England, the East Sussex police department has a new machine in the motor pool, and there's no doubting it's the class of the bunch. The force recently took delivery of a fully-liveried Lotus Exige, right down to the flashing blue lights. While it sounds like the perfect speed enforcement/pursuit machine, the car's actual purpose is more diplomatic in nature. Speeding and generally obnoxious driving habits by teens have apparently become a bit of an issue, and the Lotus serves as a rolling ambassador to the lead-footed youth population. Brought out for public awareness campaigns and gatherings, the Sussex police department says that the car brings teens to them, and that makes it easier for the police to sell their safety message to the kids. If it works, good for them. Lord knows we'd be doing anything but setting an example if we were handed an Exige as our work vehicle. It'd be more like this: "Alright then, kids. Here's what not to do." Cue the squealing tires...

[Source: Auto Trader]

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