Mexico wants to limit corn ethanol with "Food comes first" law

One more position in the food vs. biofuel debate, this one clearly slated towards food. México is about to pass an amendment to the "Ley de Bioenergéticos" (Bioenergy sources law) that clearly states that "Corn will only be used for making ethanol as long as there is a national production surplus." The amendment, however, opens a door for other sources and states no limits for other sources, such as waste from any type of food production.
México depends on corn imports to satisfy its internal demand for the cereal, which is considered the keystone of this country's nutrition. Although there are voices that claim that biofuels aren't so guilty, the Mexican government is convinced that there is indeed a direct relationship.

The Congreso de los Diputados (Chamber of Representatives) is expected to pass this amendment next week.

[Source: Agroinformación (link is in Spanish)]

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