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Ford to keep truckin at Super Duty plant despite International strike

International and Ford haven't been the best of friends lately, with the two companies sparring over compensation for the Powerstroke 6.4L. International stopped making the engines in protest earlier in the year, but this time the union has walked out on International. Even with the strike, Ford hasn't yet suspended production of the Super Duty at its Louisville plant. If the strike lasts more than a few days, however, the blue oval will simply run out of parts with which to build the big truck.

Union rhetoric points to what may be a longer strike than we saw at GM and Chrysler, and if days turn into weeks, Ford could lose $22 million a week in lost profits. International supplies Ford with up to 250,000 Powerstroke 6.4L engines per year, and the oil burner reaps Ford's largest profit margins. We're pretty sure Ford is in no shape to lose out on $22 million a week, so lets hope this union spat ends quickly.

[Source: Auto News - sub. req'd]

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