Ford Escape hybrids at the red carpet

Did you think that only BMW was going to show its green vehicle technologies via the entertainment industry? Not likely. Now it's time for Ford, which has a bunch of Escape Hybrids that are going to be the official transportation for the Screen Actors Guild's (SAG) Award of Excellence Star on Hollywood Boulevard. The event is celebrating its 75th edition this year.

Ford is sponsoring the event and using it to showcase the Escape hybrids. Fifteen of these vehicles were used to
shuttle Screen Actors Guild members and other VIPs from the breakfast ceremony to Hollywood Boulevard where SAG received The Award of Excellence Star from the Hollywood Historic Trust.

The interest is obvious, as Bill Ford said: "Introducing our Ford Escape Hybrid to Hollywood today continues a long tradition of Ford's supporting role in movies and television that goes all the way back to our company's Model T."

[Source: Ford]

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