Ford acknowledges Mustang Bullitt will debut in Los Angeles

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While perusing the Ford media website today, we were greeted with the image you see above and Ford's first official acknowledgment that the much anticipated Mustang Bullitt will debut at the L.A. Auto Show in mid-November. Of course, we already know a lot about the Mustang Bullitt thanks to specs that were leaked earlier this month. We also know in general how the car will look, including its famous Highland Green paint and completely blank grille. Ford says in its little blurb (read it after the jump) that the car has the "perfect balance of power, performance and a look of quiet intensity."

Despite all the iterations of the Mustang that we've been forced to stomach from Ford and numerous other companies, this is the one we've been waiting for. It's good to know we won't have to wait much longer. After debuting in a couple of weeks, the Mustang Bullitt will officially go on sale early next year, according to Ford.

[Source: Ford]

The Ford Mustang Bullittâ„¢ is back for 2008, making its first public showing at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on Nov. 13. Blending the best Mustang ever with the latest Ford Racing technology, this modern classic lives up to the magic of the movie "Bullitt" by delivering a new-generation Mustang Bullitt with the perfect balance of power, performance and a look of quiet intensity. Bullitt screams into dealerships early next year.

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