Born a ramblin' man, reborn a stallion

Ferrari engines have found there way into a variety of different cars - Lancias, Maserati, even the forthcoming A1GP racecar - but this has to be a first. Someone is shoehorning the V8 from the late, great Ferrari 360 Modena into a 1960 Nash Rambler wagon, of all things.

Dropping V8 powerhouses into classic family-haulers may be nothing new, but this is another matter altogether. To be fair, it's only the bodyshell of the original Rambler. Because the Maranello screamer was made for mid-mounting, Divers Street Rods turned to Art Morrison to craft a custom frame, over which the restored bodywork was fitted. The set-up should be somewhat familiar to fans of the previous-generation Renaultsport Clio V6 and the Volkswagen GTI-W12 showcar, but this wagon is decidedly different from one off-Ferrari "shooting-brakes" like the 250 GTO "Breadvan" and the Sultan of Brunei's 456GT Venice wagon.

Along with the engine, the rodders took from the Ferrari its suspension and, from the looks of it, its wheels, brakes and probably a number of other components for the custom Rambler. Because Ferrari isn't exactly Mopar and doesn't offer crate engines, the parts were taken from a wrecked Modena - unfortunately there are all too many donor cars lying around thanks to drivers with deep pockets but shallow driving talent pools.

We're promised a showing at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, and we'll be there, cameras at the ready to check out the finished product.

[Source: Carscoop]

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