Nissan/NEC partnership develops all-electric, uh, laptop?

Way back in December, we reported on a partnership between Nissan and NEC. We assumed the carmaker was working with the computer company to develop rechargeable batteries for its hybrid cars. And they may be, but it looks like the first product to come out of the cooperation is more NEC than Nissan.

Meet the LaVie G Type J laptop from NEC. With a red Nissan X-Trail paint job on the rugged-looking exterior, and the X-Trail logo on the palmrest, the Windows-running portable is customizable at Nissan's members-only Japanese-market brand shop. Engadget quotes a Core2 Duo running Vista Premium will run ya about $2,113. If you're a member. And live in Japan.

Wouldn't it have been cooler to have created a laptop that somehow integrates with the X-Trail? Slots into the dash, maybe, to become the entertainment/DVD/GPS system? Eh, just splash some mud on the keyboard and you're good to go.

[Source: Engadget]

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