Tango begone (someday)! George Clooney moves into fuel cells

While George Clooney is best known on these pages at a Tango electric car driver (what, is there some other reason he's famous?), Ecorazzi recently mentioned a move that Mr. Clooney is making that may help develop a fuel cell for automobiles.
This sentence over at Cultures and Traditions caught the Ecorazzi's eye: "Plus, as part of his [Clooney's] contract with Omega watches, he's working with them on the development of a fuel cell, not to mention presenting himself as the pin-up boy for eco-friendly electric cars."

Huh, a watch company making fuel cells? Yeah, that's what Ecorazzi's Michael wondered, too. So he dug around and found that Swatch (which owns Omega) has been trying to develop "an ultra-efficient and cheap fuel cell engine." Omega won't make the whole car for this fuel cell, just try to sell the powerplant component to automakers. With George Clooney as a salesman/spokesman, there's a good chance buyers will listen - as long as the thing works and isn't absurdly expensive.

[Source: Cultures and Traditions via Ecorazzi]

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