SEMA 2007 Preview: Dodge Ram BFT

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As Capt. Starbuck might say, "That's a Big Frakkin" Truck!" The biggest of Chrysler's 2007 SEMA concept vehicles is the Dodge Ram BFT. The BFT is what happens when you take a Quad Cab Ram pickup with the eight foot bed and slap a regular cab on it. The crew at Chrysler solved the issue of resulting 2-foot chasm the shorter cab created by putting together a longer ten foot bed. Then, they upgraded to the ten bolt hubs from the medium duty Ram truck and let Gale Banks have his way with the Cummins diesel. With a 9.4 ft Big Dog chopper easily fitting in the bed, this is one truck that could easily migrate to the assembly line.

BFT designer Scott Krugger talks about developing this truck here.

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Dodge Ram BFT
Designers: Scott Krugger, Senior Designer – Advanced Exterior Studio and Mark Allen, Chief Designer – Jeep/Dodge Truck Studios

"Built for towing," the Dodge Ram BFT is also one "big fine truck." Designed to be the "ultimate" workhorse, the vehicle will appeal to the hardcore truck buyer. And there's one thing the heavy-duty trucker can never get enough of: a bigger box.

The design team placed a standard cab on a 160-in. Dodge Ram Heavy Duty wheelbase frame so the 9.4-ft chopper fits snuggly in the 10-ft. box. The team also accommodated the dually setup with a 6-in. suspension lift kit from Superlift and Alcoa's 22.5-in. 10-lug semi wheels. The BFT also features full-length polished bed and step rails.

The Ram BFT has a Banks-enhanced 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine that is mated to an automatic transmission.

In the end, the Ram BFT provides "maximum" hauling and towing power. And isn't dependability, durability and capability what Ram life is all about?

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