Ghosn still looking to hook up with North American partner

That Carlos Ghosn, he gets around. The CEO of two major automakers already, Renault and Nissan, is still interested in partnering with a third automaker, preferably one from North America. A potential deal to get up close and personal with General Motors fell through last year, but Ghosn insists about every two months or so that he's still open to the possibility of his expanding his alliance for an interested third party. But see, that's the thing, no one's interested (at least not Ford and Chrysler LLC). And since Ghosn realizes that a hostile takeover-type scenario doesn't breed good will between buddies, there he waits across the pond, leaning on his brand new Nissan GT-R trying to look all cool and attract the right mate. May we suggest a dash of Drakkar Noir, Carlos? Works every time.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd, photo by Mychele Daniau/AFP/Getty]

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