Park to Play turns your car into game controller

I've done this before. Ford used to have a WRC Focus on display at events that you could sit in and use the actual controls to drive a virtual version in a racing game displayed on a screen in front of the car. Park to Play is very similar, except that it appears this technology can be applied to any car and works with any game. While we don't know exactly how it works because we can't translate Dutch, what it does is turn your car into a giant video game controller. For instance, a D-pad or analog stick of a game controller would be the steering wheel. Right trigger could then be the driver's side car door opening, left trigger the left car door. Your gas pedal would be the A button and the brake would be the B button.

The video after the jump shows off Park to Play working with games like Tetris and Pinball, but why you ever use this technology for anything other than racing games is beyond us. Throw some GT5 Prologue in the tray, pull your crap Nissan 240SX into the garage and Park to Play will let you imagine your RWD econo-coupe is the new GT-R.

As we said, our knowledge of how Park to Play works and whether or not it's even available to purchase is extremely limited. Nevertheless, the mind reels at what it could be used for.

[Source: Park to Play via Freshcreation]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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