Are hybrids less likely to roll over?

The video below the fold includes Stephen Heckeroth talking about his RAV4 EV on Green Wheels, a Zoom HD TV show. Stephen mentions that the RAV4 EV's 800-pound battery pack is under the floor, as low as you could want it, giving the still-popular electric vehicle a very low center of gravity. This opens up the interesting possibility: What if hybrids, which have a similar battery configuration, are safer than their gas counterparts when it came to rollovers? I cannot find roll over ratings for hybrids to compare to their gasoline-only versions, something I lamented when I did the research for AutoblogGreen safest hybrid award.
I have not heard the claim hybrids are less likely to roll over before and I think it would really be a great selling point, especially with the barrage of headlines you often read about SUV rollovers. I will contact the government about the lack of hybrid rollover ratings and report back soon on why we can't have hard numbers on this possibly major advantage for hybrids. In the meantime, tell me, do you think there might be an advantage at all? Would a star or two better rating for a hybrid in rollover tests make you want to buy a hybrid?

[Source: YouTube]

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