Like many people, I first "met" Chelsea Sexton through the documentary film "Who Killed The Electric Car?" Last year, as part of the promotion for the movie, Chelsea spoke with AutoblogGreen about all sorts of things, including the fact that she won't buy a hybrid until there's a plug on one. She's sticking to her guns and has been working hard with Plug In America to put pressure on the automakers to make PHEVs. Chelsea says the she's heard from GM employees that without pressure from the public, the Volt would never been announced, much less gotten the promotion that we're seeing from GM. But why am I still typing? The whole reason for bringing a video camera to events is to allow us to present green car advocates in their own words.

We like Chelsea because you can stick a video camera in her face and she'll effortlessly float from topic to topic without losing focus or important details. The protest against Toyota that she mentions in the video was supposed to happen today, so we'll be on the lookout for new of that event.



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