Everybody had a good laugh at Toyota's expense when Jalopnik posted photos of a Chevy Silverado HD lugging the Toyota Tundra race team's transporter to the Texas State Fair. If the mean-lookin' SEMA concept shown above is an indication, however, maybe Toyota isn't planning on having to wipe egg from its face much longer. The image comes from a print ad running in the current issue of AutoWeek, and the rig pulling the race trailer is a Tundra Double Cab prepared by TRD for heavy hauling. It boasts a custom suspension, 17" wheels wrapped in 37-inch tires, a front end graced by a custom bumper with an integrated winch, and a revised grille surround that deletes that silly fake intake the production Tundras come with. Power comes from a blown version of the truck's 5.7L V8 making 500 horses, and TRD hopes to have that supercharger available as a dealer-installed accessory soon. Mike Levine at PickupTruck.com has also heard rumors of a dually HD Tundra concept, but that's not mentioned in the ad, which you can see a full scan of at TundraSolutions.com. We'll just have to wait and see what else Toyota brings to SEMA on the truck side of things, and our crack squad of bloggers on-site will bring you tons of coverage from the show floor.

[Source: PickupTruck.com]

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