Good morning LeMons fans! We're freezing our arses off, but we've got the tie rod installed and it is one beefy mo-fo (check the pic after the jump). We've got a driver's meeting at 8:45 AM PST and the race is beginning around 9ish in the AM. We'll have another post marked LIVE BLOG going up around then and it's been decided that Brad will be manning the 7 during the first stint since his race was cut short yesterday by an aggressive pass around the glacial school bus. Traffic should be pretty heavy, so we're not planning on moving up too far in the morning -- just racking up laps and trying to hold on to our position. Speaking of which...

As far as we can tell, we're somewhere in the high 40s or low 50s, and the #96 Bimmer from Maximuus Motorpool is heading the pack in first with a 13 second lead. They're veterans of July's event and incredibly nice guys, so if there's anyone to lose to, they're it.

Check back in just under an hour for day two's festivities.

Can you say "over engineered"?

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