Volkswagen considering a Microbus revival?

Volkswagen is one of those brands that evokes a lot of nostalgia. The Who is an iconic band from the 60's. That's why when Volkswagen decided to revisit the Microbus concept they looked to members of The Who for guidance. While not only playing a song titled Magic Bus, The Who also used a VW Camper for touring in their early years of existence. They encouraged Volkswagen by expressing interest in a more economical and safer update of the Camper.
The new Camper concept being researched at Volkswagen is nicknamed Bulli. As with many current design trends, the Bulli will have a stripped out retro appearance. The aim is to appeal to more frugal consumers. The possibility is there if they can achieve demand for enough units. We just hope they keep them off the racetrack and inside the paddock.

[Source: Auto Express]

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