So we wrapped up our practice time at the track, and if anything is for certain, our RX-7 is going to utterly suck in traffic... unless we do something about traction. The lack of a rear hatch (weight), coupled to the cage and the integrated strut tower brace (rigidity) has made our 7 an oversteering pig. Dip the throttle more than a quarter of the way down – anywhere in the turn – and the rear is swinging around like Colin Farrell at a sorority party.

So here's the plan: we're picking up a couple of new tires this morning and then trying to play with the alignment settings at the track. More toe? More camber? We'll see. The one upside to not laying down the long pedal is that we're doing great on fuel consumption. Go figure.

We'll give you another update a bit later today and when the green flag drops at 2 PM PST, watch this space for our live blog post.

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