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I live on Carabel Ave. I don't even know what a Carabel is. You probably live on a street named after a Shakespeare character or that describes rolling acres that used to be where your development now resides. Not so for residents of Sebring, FL who live in a neighborhood populated entirely by streets named after automakers of the world. There's LeMans Dr., Thunderbird Rd. and Corvette Ave. Austin St. is right next to Healey St. and Lexus St. will dump you right onto Porsche Ave. Vantage Terrace, however, is far away from Aston Martin Dr., but a stone's throw from Corvair Ave. The whole neighborhood is right next to US 27 N, so each resident has ready access to an onramp for some fun. What street in Sebring, FL would you call home?

all these streets are named after automakers!

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

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