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Roll out the red carpet, the GM Style show is coming to Dubai!

Cheryl Hines with the Chevy Sequel at the 2007 Detroit GM Style show
For the past couple of years, General Motors has held a series of GM Style events at various major auto shows around the world. The shows bring together an assortment of GM concept and production cars along with various celebrities in a runway fashion show. The Dubai Motor Show is coming up next month and for the first time, it'll get its own GM Style show. GM Style Dubai takes place November 11 and proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Dubai Autism Center. If you plan on being in the UAE next month and are interested in hobnobbing with the local glitterati while checking out likes of the Volt, Holden Effijy and a 1959 Caddy Eldorado, you can can call + 9714 366 2111 or email for ticket info. We Autobloggers will be missing this show as we descend on Los Angeles for the big show there a day later. If you do attend and snap some good pics, let us know.

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16 October 2007

Cars and Stars cruise the catwalk at GM Style Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – On November 11, Dubai will witness a night of spectacular glamour and style like it has never seen before. The General Motors (GM) Style event will be the first of its kind in the Middle East, aligning star names, high fashion and some of the most beautiful vehicles ever built at the Madinat Jumeirah Arena.

Over the years, General Motors has created iconic models like the classic 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, one of the most famous cars ever made. And at GM Style, world-famous celebrities will strut the catwalk alongside stunning cars like the Eldorado, Chevrolet Camaro and the Saab Aero X. Proceeds from this unprecedented one-off event will go to one of the emirate's most worthy causes, the Dubai Autism Center.

The vehicle line-up for this event has just been announced, but GM is waiting a little longer to reveal the star names who will be at the Madinat in November. One thing is certain: the celebrities – from the worlds of film, music and sport, the stars – have been handpicked to reflect the beauty, ethos and dramatic style of the cars they will accompany.

"This event is a tribute to style and a celebration of GM's design renaissance," says Ed Welburn, global vice-president, GM Design. "GM Style will bring Dubai a unique intersection of the worlds of fashion, automotive design and entertainment. GM's vehicles will take their rightful place on the runway along side some of today's top names in fashion and entertainment."

GM is a global, design-driven company that builds strong brands through compelling products. The carmaker brings to the Middle East cutting-edge technologies, like hybrid and electric, to a cutting edge society, while focussing clearly on its vehicles' style and the emotion they inspire.

The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado will be there. Like the celebrity who has been picked to escort it down the catwalk, this world-famous convertible is as stunning today as it was when it entered on the scene nearly fifty years ago. The Eldorado represents Cadillac's brand heritage, and is a stunning visual reminder of that era's automotive flamboyance.

You don't need to be a car buff to appreciate the Eldorado's dramatic, flowing lines and the sheer opulence of the design; celebrities and design icons have for generations acclaimed it as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Also parading down the catwalk will be the Holden Efijy, a concept car that shows how GM sets out to combine the grace of the past with GM's futuristic vision of how cars should be. It is a radical, pillarless custom coupé that boasts V8 supercar power under the bonnet, a Corvette underbody and state-of-the-art technology throughout. The Efijy is all about fun, emotion and imagination, just like the star who will accompany it at GM Style.

Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Volt has raised eyebrows around the world this year as the direction clean, green cars should take. Appearing for the first time in the Middle East, the Volt is a plug-in electric car that promises real performance, style and comfort at an affordable price. GM understands, like the Volt's accompanying star, how important it is to innovate with automotive technology to ensure that the environment is protected for generations to come.

Many other vehicles, from high-performance supercars to chic roadsters, will be on display, alongside some of the most famous names from stage, screen and sport, to make this event a breathtaking spectacle.

Trendsetters like what they see from GM, and the GM Style event promises to be an evening of glamour that shows how stunning design is not limited to fashion houses and studios. Those who want to attend this star studded event, can call + 9714 366 2111 or email for more information.

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