Lost in Translation: Taiwanese company introduces oddly named Ecooter

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) brings you this: the Ecooter. That's right: the Ecooter. It's just as much to write as it is to say it. The conveyance, which looks like it will either eat you Aliens style or demand to see your leader, is a 4-wheel, single-person, electric vehicle.

The ITRI's mission has been called "technological R&D for national prosperity and happiness." To that end, the Ecooter has a head-up display, offers "wireless communications and navigation," and employs cameras all around the car. It can also rotate 360 degrees with its unique wheel arrangement, and the lithium battery has a 62-mile range. The car isn't meant for sale just yet, but if it were it would go for somewhere between the price of a motorcycle and a car. The ITRI is looking at leasing options, and we would lease one just for the chance to say, "Why, yes, that is my Ecooter." Check out AutoblogGreen for more info.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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