Alt Car Expo 2007: Meet the Boshart Tersus (AKA the mini-Phoenix SUT)

The Boshart Tersus may look like the Phoenix SUT, but it certainly doesn't quack like a Phoenix SUT. Both of these unusual electric trucks are built from the same Ssanyong body, but are totally different under the hood. Well, not completely. Boshart Engineering actually did some engineering work for Phoenix, and decided that there was room in the market for another, um, can't-miss-the-styling electric truck. The difference? This one is an NEV.

The Tersus is not just any low-speed electric vehicle. This one is designed for off-road use, and exclusively on closed campus, privately-owned land (that's how the brochure phrases it). The battery and range specifications for the Tersus are pretty similar to the numbers for a Zenn or Miles NEV. To wit, a maximum speed of 25 mph, full charge in six hours (or two, with a quick charger). The big difference is the price: these trucks cost almost $30,000. With a 72-volt battery system, a 28 kW AC induction drive motor and 220 Ah (C/5) battery capacity, you're paying for a payload capacity of 1,000 pounds and the ability to seat four comfortably. I don't think Boshart has made a mistake in developing this truck, but we're certainly seeing green vehicles being developed for some incredibly specific groups of consumers these days.

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