Alliance to Save Energy calls on increasing CAFE standards and offers tips to save energy

Yes, oil prices are near $90 a barrel, and price increases at the pump will come very soon. This is why the Alliance to Save Energy is calling the Congress to raise immediately Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.
"Congress must adopt and send to the president the CAFE increases in the Senate energy bill," said Alliance President Kateri Callahan. "As consumers continue to be burdened by increasing gasoline prices, and with cost-effective technology currently available that can dramatically increase vehicle fuel economy, there simply is no excuse for Congress to postpone raising fuel economy standards". She also mentions that this is not just a matter of saving bucks from our budget but because "energy efficiency in the transportation sector is a key element in helping to curb the polluting emissions that contribute to climate change and in lowering U.S. dependence on imported oil."

Until the new CAFE standards arrive, the Alliance to Save Energy encourages customers to reduce fuel consumption with some advice.
  • Keeping the car in good order with regular maintenance, keeping tires properly inflated and sticking to speed limits.
  • Buying more efficient cars.
  • Getting information about federal income tax credits for buying hybrid-electric or diesel vehicles
  • Testing the "Energy IQ" to learn how your waste of energy affects your community (you can take it here).
  • Learning how being more energy-efficient contributes to the US economic and energy security.
[Source: Alliance to Save Energy]

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