Fortunately or unfortunately, we've arrived. The 7's unpacked and unlike our competitors, we're sitting idly by waiting for tech while the rest of the field is replacing struts, applying stickers and making a few reconnaissance runs around the track (wait... is that guy pulling his motor?).

It's been a while since our last update to Project LeMons, so just to get you up to speed...

We've installed the new driveshaft, got the seat mounted and the cage reinforced and wrapped. The radiator shroud is on, and we've added a skid plate that Casey decided to scribble our names on in case it liberates itself mid-sprint. We were able to find a stock Subaru WRX STI exhaust laying around the shop after a customer burbled away unconcerned about its future, so that's installed and it sounds downright well... odd, but good. Oh, and we went a bit wild with the spray paint and stencils last night. Plus, we've got about 100 K&N stickers plastered on the hood and roof, so that's like a 10-percent bump in horsepower a piece, right?

Tech inspection is about to begin, so were' going to find out if our RX is fit to race. More updates to follow. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Glory, glory hallelujah! We passed tech!

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