Volkswagen to drop prices, aims to compete with Toyota

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what's been alluded to in the past, but this time, it's from the top. Volkswagen's CEO Martin Winterkorn plans to price its U.S. offerings more aggressively in a bid to better compete with the likes of Toyota.

Currently, the Jetta starts around $17,000, while a comparable (?) Corolla is about $2k less. Same goes for the Passat and Camry segment, where the VW's mid-size sedan has close to a $4,000 premium over its Toyota counterpart.

Interestingly, Winterkorn admits, "We have definitely added too many technical items that (American) customers don't want to pay for." What those particular features are escapes us, but as long as they work, that's all that matters.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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