Tesla's WhiteStar Albuquerque plant grows bigger (on paper)

Tesla Motors is working on a assembly plant for its upcoming WhiteStar sedan in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Albuquerque Tribune is now reporting that the plans for that plant are getting larger. The Tribune's Erik Siemers writes that Tesla representatives, including vice president of sales Darryl Siry, were in town yesterday to discuss expanding the plans. Siry said, "We're looking at a potentially larger program. The program has been much more clearly defined, and we're further along in defining what the car is. That has ramifications for our supply chain and logistics." Since the WhiteStar itself is not yet designed, the specifics of the plant have not yet been set, but apparently it's more than previously thought.
Another hint that New Mexico might suit Tesla just fine came from State Economic Development Secretary Fred Mondragon, who said, "We are in discussions with them about the possibility of more than just an assembly plant." Hmmm.

[Source: Albuquerque Tribune]

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