Bladder buster alert! Nissan Qashqai goes 867 miles on a tank of diesel

A team of Nissan test drivers recently set out from Land's End in Southern England in a Nissan Qashqai with the goal of seeing how much ground they could cover without refueling. They began their trek in the compact crossover with 65 L of diesel and at the end of their 867-mile trip to John o'Groat's on the northern tip of Scotland they had consumed a mere 58L. That amounts to 56.1L mpg US from the 1.5L diesel engine. The remaining 7L of diesel would have brought the total range up to 977 miles before having to refill the tank. The Qashqai is similar in size and style to the new Rogue crossover that recently went on sale in the US, but the Rogue only comes with a gas engine that is rated at a comparatively mediocre 21/26 mpg. Hopefully Nissan will add a Tier 2 / Bin 5 compliant small diesel to our model to improve the situation.

[Source: CarScoop]

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