Underwriters Laboratories now accepting your E85 pumps for certification

That didn't take long. We've just discussed what the news that Underwriters Laboratories would certify ethanol/E85 pumps might mean, now we already have official word that such certification has been established. UL announced yesterday that safety requirements for E85 fuel dispensing equipment have been set up, and you're all now more than welcome to submit equipment for certification.
UL says it has gone through a "comprehensive research program to investigate potential safety concerns associated with dispensing highly concentrated ethanol-blended fuels." This program looked at how E85 is being pumped in the U.S. and, smartly, Brazil and included a forum of "32 national experts from automobile and petroleum companies, ethanol producers, dispenser and component manufacturers, industry associations, government agencies and university researchers." I'd say they did their homework. Now let's see if this brings the promised changes to the ethanol market in 2008.

[Source: UL]

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