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Tesla puts it's Energy Group on hold for now

Last spring, Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard and Th!ink CEO Jan-Olaf Willums announced a deal for Tesla to supply battery packs for the Norwegian electric cars. The silicon valley startup had created a new division dubbed the Tesla Energy Group to design and build lithium ion battery packs to other car-makers. The packs would be based on the technology they had developed internally for their own cars. Once new CEO Michael Marks came on board and it became clear that the Roadster's production would be delayed, the decision to pull back on the battery business was the next obvious move.
In recent days it became known that Th!nk
was looking for other battery suppliers.
Since then, Th!nk has announced a deal for EnerDel to supply packs beginning next spring. The Norwegian company is also talking to other potential suppliers such as Massachusetts based A123 Systems. All of this probably means that production Th!nks probably won't appear until at least late 2008. Once the Roadsters are on the road then, Tesla will revisit the battery sales program.

[Source: CNET]

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