Greg Blencoe discovers hydrogen gauntlet, throws it down at Joe Romm's feet

Hydrogen-powered BMW Hydrogen 7.

Are any of our readers the kind of people who love to defend hydrogen to the hilt? If so, you'll probably like the attitude that Greg Blencoe, CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, Inc., displays in an attention-getting challenge to Joseph Romm for a one-on-one debate. Romm, the author of " The Hype About Hydrogen: Fact And Fiction In The Race To Save The Climate," is no stranger to public debates but has not yet agreed to take Blencoe on.

Blencoe sent AutoblogGreen a copy of the email he sent to Romm (you can also read it here). You can get a feel of what the discussion might be like in this post on Blencoe's site.

So, would any of you want to get into the line of discussion. I know we have plenty of hydrogen car skeptics who read the site, but are they ready to defend that position with a guy who spends so much time trying to prove H2 right? Or would responding to the public request just give unwarranted attention to the other side?

[Source: Greg Blencoe]

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