Fiat crossover expected in 2010, Alfa version to follow

The Italians are known for making great sports cars, touring cars, supercars, even little itty-bitty cars. Sport-utes, not so much. Lamborghini's monster LM002 notwithstanding, the last time few times Fiat tried its hand at SUVs, it came up with the Sedici (a slightly taller than normal compact car built in partnership with Suzuki) and the Oltre concept (some sort of twisted cross between a Hummer and an Apple store). But with crossovers continuing to sell big, despite the impediments of fuel prices and an increasingly enviro-conscious market, the mafia legitimate business association of the Italian auto industry can hardly afford to sit it out. So they'll try, try again.

The next up to bat is the production version of the CX-Over, expected to hit the market in 2010. Sources indicate an overall length of about 4.5 meters, potential for hybrid powertrain options (though more likely a range of the company's highly-efficient diesels), available AWD and a body style fitting somewhere between a minivan and a sport-ute. The Fiat version is expected to sell in the €22k-30k range in Europe, and is expected to spawn an additional version from sister brand Alfa Romeo.

[Source: Info Motori]

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