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TTAC accepting "Ten Worst Automobiles Today" submissions

We're getting to that time of the year where every publication on the face of the earth is declaring their car, truck, SUV, hybrid, and unicycle of the year. MotorTrend has already found the CX9 so exciting that the venerable tree killer is ready to throw a trophy Mazda's way. Then there are the lists... the 10 best lists that features the same vehicles every year.

The Truth About Cars is making another list, but they're taking a different spin on the top-ten list de jour. They want you to tell them what you think are the ten worst cars on the road for sale in the US. The Ten Worst Automobiles Today awards, or TWAT, takes the worst of the worst seriously. The all new 2008 Accord and CTS are probably safe, but something tells us the Chrysler Aspen may make its way back into the bottom 10. The TTAC writing team will take the 20 best nominations, and unleash them on their readership to vote on the final 10. Submissions for the TWAT list will be accepted through October 22, and the top 20 survey will hit the web on the 29th. For more rules, or to make a submission, click on the 'Read' link below.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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