The anti-ticket donut will get you off with a warning every time

Here's a novel way to ask for Mr. Maglite to introduce himself to your personage in a blunt manner. Simply present this little confection under glass the next time the jack booted thug officer appears at your window demanding license and registration. While it may sound kind of funny on the Web, certain officers are touchy about the donut cracks. It is produced in the USA, by an entrepreneur, though we've got no word on how good the enclosed doughy treat is. So, it seems like this bit of trinkum is a good way to have a laugh while blowing a little money. The maker reports that nearly three quarters of their production has been to police officers, so clearly there are good humored cops out there. We never seem to meet them. They must all be stuck in the drive thru.
[Source: Winding Road]

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