Spy Shots: 2010 FWD Corvette Concept

When we took the 2008 Corvette for a spin, there was little doubt in our minds that the 436 HP C6 was, dollar for dollar, among the best sports cars money can buy. With over 50 years of history riding on the storied nameplate, one would think the General would take the highly-anticipated C7 less lightly than the FWD POS above.

Looking at the photo, someone obviously wanted to have fun with body panels, and the trademark Corvette butt stands alone as the one easily recognizable piece of the puzzle. Look at the custom bodywork; Grand Am designers are now kicking themselves for not taking the side-ribbing far enough.

While it's taboo to criticize a piece of... art work in progress, we're going to throw a haymaker and say this vehicle will always make people point and laugh. Well, it's hard to say for sure with the obviously huge rear wing still detached; the prototype must be in wind tunnel testing as we speak. We hear carbon fiber and melted beer cans are the leading lightweight materials being considered for the final spoiler build. We know the old Accord coupe's 4-banger was a reliable powerplant, but we have a hard time believing that the brakes and tires will ever get hot enough to justify the massive "air vents" aft of the front wheels. This guy's just begging to have rodents camp out in there. Check out PbNation for more by following the 'Read' link below.

Thanks for the tip, Alec!

[Source: PbNation]

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